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"Excellent experience at NBA Basketball School in Piancavallo. My daughter reports a peaceful, enriching atmosphere with very knowledgeable, competent and attentive coaches. She came back wanting to definitely repeat the experience next year!"
Giovanna, Silvia's mum, Summer Camp
"My son participated with great satisfaction in the basketball camp in Lido degli Scacchi. Very good organization both from an athletic and human point of view, so much so that he rated it the best camp since he has been playing. Excellent level of communication to parents so that they are always informed. Thank you and see you next season for a double stay."
Massimo, Simone's dad, Summer Camp
"(...) We were packing up from camp that my son asked if he could come back next year. On the way out, all the boys greeted each other with much affection, as if they had known each other who knows how long and as if they would see each other again the next day. What struck me the most was him saying: MOM I HAD SO MUCH FUN ON COURT! I think that sums up a wonderful week."
Elena, Mirko's mum, Summer Camp
"From this experience in Paris I will take with me a wonderful memory and so many insights into what to improve about my player.I learned so much from coaches and teammates that brought me back to a broader view of players I may encounter in the game. I am happy to have had a comparison with so many other guys that I will use as personal and basketball growth. Thank you for everything"
Gabriele, Paris Game Camp
"during this camp I felt much freer to express myself. It was very nice, fun and I got to know another reality of the game, a different way of training and other girls to compare myself with (...). Truly a wonderful experience that doesn't happen often in life."
Giulia, Paris Game Camp
"The day after the clinic is even better..thinking about how many kids and children will remember the day as a special and unforgettable day is the greatest satisfaction. The emotions and energy put in by Coach Donnie and all the staff really contaminated the whole environment, we are still thrilled! Thank you!"
S.Pugliese, head coach, Milano3 basket, Player Clinic
"-After the event a dad calls me and says, "thank you because I know I gave my son a gift he will remember for a lifetime!" - I think that sums up a wonderful afternoon where we had Coach Donnie who is a ferrari of ideas, passion and fun that he transferred to all of us! A super experience that we will remember for a long time."
M.Giangreco, head coach Moncalieri basketball, Player Clinic
"Thank you to all the staff for giving our kids a dream, in this age when they have almost everything and rarely manifest awe and excitement, to see a special light in their eyes today was beautiful and exciting. Thank you for all the energy spread out this afternoon!"
M. Lucchi, head coach minibasket, Arona Basket, Player Clinic


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