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Join the NBA Basketball School. Join the NBA Basketball School. Starting in April 2022, come experience being coached by American coaches using the innovative method of the NBA Basketball School Curriculum. Challenge yourself and delve into the technical aspects while learning the “NBA Way” through respect, teamwork and healthy competition.

Discover the NBA Way. Train with us!

Adriatic Coast

If you're looking for a high quality training basketball camp you've come to the right place!
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"I realized that besides fun there must be effort and determination. Determination makes dreams come true"
Rafael, NBA Basketball School Messico
"I've never trained this way before. It was fun and definitely a new way of training!”
Paco, NBA Basketball School Messico
“The values that are at the core of the NBA Curriculum can be found during training sessions all the time. First the person as an individual, then the athlete”
Wang, NBA Basketball School Cina
"Getting on the court with NBA Basketball School was a great training opportunity, both technically and in relationships with team mates"
Anna, NBA Basketball School Brasile
"It was a unique experience. I’ll definitely come back!"
Matthias, NBA Basketball School Grecia
"I found in this project fun, community feeling and great support from the coaches"
Sebastian, NBA Basketball School Grecia
"I used to play like I was the only one on the court, then I realized that in basketball, the team matters the most"
Timothy, NBA Basketball School Dubai
"I'm learning not to be afraid in making mistakes, I found in NBA an incredible support on and off the court"
Rahul, NBA Basketball School India
“Seeing the way the NBA applies methodology is something truly impressive. Everyone enjoyed every minute on the court giving their all. It was an incredible experience for me as well”
Marcelinho Machado, former playe - NBA Basketball School Brasile
"The NBA method is amazing! The kids are not afraid of making mistakes and they are truly willing to learn. And we keep learning together with them…”
Alex Garcia, NBA Basketball School Brasile
"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. It's up to you. Believe that you can do it"
Fofão, NBA Basketball School Brasile
"When I play basketball I forget about everything else and just play basketball"
Nathan, NBA Basketball School Dubai
"I used to make shots from half court without caring about anyone or anything, until I joined this team where I realized the importance of defence and cooperation"
Andrew, NBA Basketball School Dubai
"Joining other girls in this experience was really encouraging. Basketball is a sport that brings people together"
Sofia, NBA Basketball School Brasile


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