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Do you want to book being confident that you won’t lose what you paid in case your child is unable to attend?

It is possible to activate the cancellation insurance, a money-back guarantee that can be used at any time, from enrollment until your child is on vacation with us.

The insurance is an additional guarantee, which can be activated during enrollment, at a cost of Euro 28 for one-week vacations and Euro 45 for periods of two weeks or more.

The insurance guarantees the family refund of the amount paid and covers specifically for:

  • any unforeseeable, objectively documentable event that is independent of the insured’s will and of such severity that it prevents the insured from being able to undertake the trip;
  • an objective and unavoidable need to provide care for his sick or injured family members;
  • Inability to undertake the trip as a result of confirmed Covid-19 infection of the insured or family members;
  • scholastic deficiencies, failure or educational debt, for which the student is required to attend remedial courses concurrent with the booked vacation;
  • The interruption of travel as a result of quarantine.

The insurance also covers medical expenses, hospitalization per diem, convalescence allowance following Covid-19 infection, legal protection, liability, loss of baggage, and accidents.

Any waiver must be communicated, under penalty of forfeiture of the guarantee, in writing by email to info@nbabasketballschool.it no later than 10:00 a.m. on the day before the start of the Camp.

How can I subscribe to the Cancellation insurance?

You can subscribe to the Policy during online registration by answering the specific question and indicating the length of stay.

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